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An *Inclusive* Academic Planner

This project was designed to create an inclusive organizational tool for young students. Many of the TOOLS that are given to students are designed for the average learner. For those that are developmentally disabled, the organizational layout for school planners can be too busy and hard to read.
Much of my research went into choosing a body copy font that is dyslexic friendly. Fonts that have variation in line weight are typically better, especially having differences between letters that can be confused, for example, b and d. 
Keeping the layout clean and simple was important as well; too often, pages are cluttered with clip art and are extremely distracting to differently abled learners. I chose a basic color palette with a variety of three colors to keep the design simple and eye catching. 
Lastly, with imagery, I wanted to represent students of all ability by including icons of students with wheelchairs, walkers, etc. I also worked to include an American Sign Language page into my planner because currently American schools do not effectively integrate hearing impaired students. 
The final graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator, laid out in InDesign, and mocked up in Photoshop. 
Scannable Document 14 on Oct 8, 2020 at
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Scannable Document 9 on Oct 8, 2020 at 1
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