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Smoothie Lip Treatment Package Design






ESW Beauty

The intention for this project was to create a sustainable package design for ESW Beauty's new Smoothie Lip Treatment that seamlessly aligns with the brand identity while embodying the essence of clean & healthy living.

The goal was to represent both the smoothie theme and to echo the colors of the lip treatments' tints when applied while creating an experience that resonates with their commitment to clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable skincare.

LT Ecomm_Vanilla Almond Butter_ingredient.jpg
LT Ecomm_Guava Mango_ingredient.jpg
LT Ecomm_White Pitaya Coconut_ingredient.jpg
hi_res-f1-ESW Beauty_r1_04L_9433.jpg

Packaging and sustainability should go hand in hand and our smoothie lip treatment is a testament to this philosophy. The lip treatment is enclosed in a recyclable box made from FSC paper board and printed with soy-ink (an alternative to petroleum-based inks). Additionally, the lip treatment tube is made from 50% PCR plastic.

hi_res-b8-ESW Beauty_r1_5844.jpg
hi_res-c5-ESW Beauty_r1_04L_8080_edited.jpg
hi_res-cc-ESW Beauty_r1_04F_9529.jpg
hi_res-4e-ESW Beauty_r1_0591.png

Below are a few of the preliminary sketches for the packaging design

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