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Portugal Factbook

This factbook is a conceptual print and branding project for the tourism office in Portugal. The magazine calls to individuals looking to experience a trip filled with romance & culture. My goal was to represent Portugal, a country filled with rich heritage and age-old architecture, in a fresh and clean perspective without erasing its historic elements. The 48 page magazine was created in Adobe InDesign and printed with Blurb.

alice-butenko-Portuguese tile


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 Logo Design 

I pulled my inspiration from Portugal's traditional Azulejos tiles that are quintessential to the architecture. The logo emulates the symmetry of the tiles which allows it to stand alone or be multiplied and used as design texture. I also wanted to represent Portugal's islands by incorporating the leaf of Madeira's famous banana trees.


 Logo Lockup & Improper Use

The banana leaf is used to signify the amount of clear space around the logo.


The guideline's set up was intended to be flexible & simple. The grid structure allows for long columns of text and calculated image use.

Magazine Guideline


Flip Through The Book

**Magazine copy sourced from the CIA World Factbook
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